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Get to Know the 7 Candidates for the PDGA Global Board of Directors

Get to Know the 7 Candidates for the PDGA Global Board of Directors

Three at-large positions will be elected in July

Friday, June 28, 2024 - 08:07

The PDGA Global Board of Directors Nominating Committee completed a comprehensive assessment of self-nominated candidates for the 2024 PDGA Elections, which included detailed reviews of cover letters, resumes, referral letters, background checks, and for the most qualified candidates, video interviews.

More information about the Nominating Committee can be found here.

The process culminated in seven candidates from different backgrounds appearing on the ballot for the upcoming PDGA Global Board of Directors elections. These seven candidates will be vying for three open positions on the board.

The PDGA Global Board of Directors is required for nonprofit status and mandated by the PDGA bylaws. In addition to semi-annual summit meetings, the board conducts monthly teleconferences with staff to accomplish its varied goals, such as setting PDGA policies; hiring and supervising of the executive director, who is responsible for headquarters, staff and ongoing operations; financial managements, including an annual budget; identification of responsible future board members; and representing the membership's visions for the future of the sport and the association.

Three at-large board member positions will be elected this year during a month-long election from July 1-31, 2024.

The three candidates who receive the most votes will serve three-year terms from September 1, 2024 to August 31, 2027. For additional information, please see the PDGA Elections page.

Here are the seven candidates who have stepped up and are ready to help take the sport of disc golf to the next level, along with their background information and statements of intent.

Stay tuned to and the PDGA on social media throughout the month of June as we get to know these candidates even more. Subscribe to the PDGA Radio podcast on the PDGA's YouTube channel or your favorite podcast provider to hear more from these seven candidates soon!

2024 Global Board Candidates


Wilbur Wallis — #6583


Location: Rantoul, Illinois, USA

Introduction: Have been playing with Frisbee's since age 10, or so. First threw at baskets in 1986 at Bradley Park in Peoria. Joined the PDGA in 1992, mainly so I could run PDGA tournaments. Appointed as the first State Coordinator for Illinois, served for 4 years. Served on the BOD for the Peoria Frisbee Club for 16 years, 10 as the President. President of the Champaign County Disc Golf Club since it's founding in 2014. Tournament Director/Assistant Tournament Director of around 150 events. Elected to Illinois Disc Golf Hall of Fame in 2021. PDGA BOD Secretary 2021-2022. PDGA BOD Vice President 2022-present. PDGA Board Liaison to the Rules Committee 2021-present. Member of the Disc Golf Course Design Group and have designed or consulted on 36 courses.  Played 403 courses in 18 states. Attended 43 PDGA Majors. Regularly conducts clinics/classes to introduce youth and others to disc golf. Disc Golf is my life! I love being able to give back to this great sport. Besides disc golf, I have been on the BOD of my local high school music boosters club. I volunteer 15 hours/month at my local food pantry.

Background/Professional Experience:

  • 15 years of restaurant experience from dishwasher to manager, from fast-food to fine dining.
  • 12 years as a store manager of a record/music store.
  • Retired in 2022 after 19 years as a manager at a bicycle accessories manufacturer/distribution center.
  • Currently work part time as a Brewer's Assistant at a local brewery and part time running a baseball scoreboard at my local sports complex.

Goals as a PDGA BOD Member: I am seeking re-election so that I may continue work on several programs and issues that the PDGA BOD and staff are working on. I would like the PDGA to work with various other stakeholders to get disc golf into more schools as part of their physical education programs. I believe that the high school level is where we should focus on first and then trickle down to the younger students. Not just the United States, but globally. The college disc golf scene is picking up speed and we need to have players ready for the college and university teams. As a fiduciary of the PDGA, board members must keep the finances in-line and sustainable as we level out after the pandemic. 

Theo Pozzy — #14166


Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Introduction: I have been passionate about disc sports for over 45 years since I learned to play Ultimate at prep school in the spring of 1977 and then co-founded Dartmouth College’s first Ultimate team that fall. In 1997, I moved to Portland, OR and discovered disc golf (there were no disc golf courses anywhere near where I lived in New Hampshire at the time).

I got involved in competing in local and regional events. I started helping organize events and eventually became part of the core team that built the Beaver State Fling from a C-tier to one of the first National Tour events in a four-year period.

I joined the PDGA board of directors in 2002 and became the Commissioner and President from 2003 to 2007. I was awarded the PDGA Volunteer of the Year award in 2008. A more detailed list of my contributions is in the next section.

If you want to see a video interview covering my background in disc golf in the Portland area and with the PDGA, here is a link to the interview that Disc Golf Network did at the 2022 Portland Open:

After a hiatus of involvement competition and organization, I want to resume contributing to the disc golf community. I feel that joining the PDGA Global Board of Directors will give me excellent opportunities to promote the growth of the sport.

Background/Professional Experience: For a position on the PDGA board, I feel that my disc golf experience is more important than my non-disc professional background. Here are the highlights of my disc golf career:

  • Disc Golf Tournament History
    • First PDGA Event: Eugene Celebration, Oregon, 1999.
    • PDGA Wins (Advanced Masters Division):
      • Riverside Open, Washington, 2000
      • Mad City Open, Wisconsin, 2001
      • Riverbend Open, Oregon, 2004
      • Eugene Celebration, Oregon, 2005
    • PDGA Majors:
      • 2000, 2003, 2004 PDGA Amateur World Championships, Advanced Masters
  • Volunteer and Leadership Experience
    • Local and Regional Events
      • Began assisting local tournament organizers in Portland, Oregon metro area, 2000.
      • Sponsored and assisted with the McIver Open at Milo McIver Park, 2001.
      • Core member of the Beaver State Fling tournament team starting as a C-tier, 2002.
      • Helped elevate Beaver State Fling to an A-tier and subsequently a National Tour event by 2005.
  • PDGA Board Experience
    • Regional Director, 2002
    • Commissioner, 2003-2006
    • President, 2006-2007
  • Major PDGA Initiatives and Achievements
    • Developed and implemented new applications for membership fulfillment and tournament statistics.
    • Launched a new data-driven website facilitating easy uploads of scores.
    • Introduced live hole-by-hole scoring from mobile devices.
    • Implemented and developed Chuck Kennedy’s ratings system.
    • Overhauled competition structure, supporting more age-protected divisions and ratings-based competitions.
    • Led the creation of the PDGA National Tour, the first large, PDGA-managed disc golf pro tour.
    • Built the International Disc Golf Center in Georgia, transitioning staff to professional office environments.
    • Outsourced membership fulfillment to enhance organizational scalability.
  • Awards
    • 2008 PDGA Volunteer of the Year
  • Here are a few of my non-disc professional career highlights:
    • Solution Architect and Manager, Portland General Electric (2004-2024)
      • Developed enterprise applications for Oregon’s largest electric utility. Managed multiple teams supporting PGE’s electric distribution and transmission operations.
    • President/Owner/Principal Consultant, Pozzy Consulting Inc. (2003 - Present)
      • Providing software engineering, architecture, business analysis, integration, and project management consulting services to utilities and energy markets.
    • Chief Technology Officer, Kietra Corp. (2002 - 2003)
      • Managed application development for an Internet-based medical information system and integrated commercial scanning software.
    • Vice President of Engineering, Gaia Inc. (1999 - 2000)
      • Designed and implemented a scalable wireless distributed database system and managed the software engineering and QA departments.
    • Chief Architect & Systems Development Manager, Clientele Division, Epicor Software Corp. (1998 - 1999)
      • Managed product architecture and development for a major mid-market Customer Relationship Management business application.
    • Director of Software Development, Digimarc Corp. (1997 - 1998)
      • Designed and implemented digital watermarking applications pivotal to the success of Digimarc’s IPO.
    • Vice President and Board Member, Claret Software (1993-1996)
      • Developed software for management of restaurant wine lists and inventory
    • President and CEO, Corporate Microsystems Inc. (1991 - 1993)
      • Managed profitable growth and strategic business development, leading to acquisition by Legent Corp.

Goals as a PDGA BOD Member: As a PDGA board member, here are the initiatives that I will be pursuing:

  • Membership Retention
    • Investigate implementation of a Supporting level membership (something that we were discussing on the BOD back in the early 2000s). Benefits could include:
      • Discount (smaller) on DGN subscriptions
      • Ability to view your historical member data
      • Magazine subscription
  • Helping Underserved Demographics
    • Recruit “retired” disc golfers to help teach youth groups
    • Start a new program for introducing disc golf to middle and high school students in communities identified as being in the “underserved demographics” category
    • Get PDGA funding for equipment and discs
      • Provide free equipment and discs to volunteers
        • Portable baskets
        • Special lightweight custom logo beginner discs (primary putters and midrange discs)
      • Part-time PDGA staff resource
    • Create a simple portal for volunteers to manage events
      • Event calendars
      • Local competitions, which could be games and skills events rather than traditional tournaments
    • Have program complimentary to and not competing with EDGE
    • Start everything as a pilot program, and measure metrics to make decisions about expansion
  • Technology Initiatives
    • Investigate the use of AI and data analytics to take advantage of the large database of historical disc golf data
    • Look into the possibility of a handicapping system similar to regular golf, to facilitate recreational competition between players of different skills. This could help with retention of older players.

Luke Turnbull — #63994


Location: Charlestown/NSW, Australia

Introduction: Disc golf has been a huge part of my life since I was introduced to it in 2012. The sport has taken to me all corners of Australia and parts of South East Asia, forging amazing friendships along the way. It's been a life saver in terms of my physical and mental well being, and has been a contributing factor to the decisions I have made in my professional and personal life.

I owe so much to disc golf and I have been trying to give back as much as I can.

Since 2014, I have been a board member of Australian Disc Golf and would like to take my experiences with a national organisation to the next level, and join the PDGA Board of Directors.

Background/Professional Experience

  • Professional experience
    • For the last 17 years, I have worked as a Business Analyst, Operations Manager, and People Leader across the telecommunications and banking industries. I am currently employed as an Analyst in the public sector. My key skills include data analysis, stakeholder management and engagement, people management, and process improvement.
  • Volunteer experience
    • In my role as President of the ADG, I have been able to lead the development of policies, strategies and resources to aid the growth of the sport across Australia. The role has included collaboration with various stakeholders, including players, clubs, sponsors, and governing bodies. It has provided me with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with managing and growing a sporting organisation on a large scale. In the last year, we have embarked on implementing our five year strategic plan, including the estasblishment of a high performance committee and development of selection policies.
    • At a local level, I have actively contributed to the community by organising and managing tournaments and leagues, establishing a now thriving club in Adelaide, South Australia, and facilitating the design and installation of multiple courses. I continue to run the Aussie Disc Golf Day, a concept founded during Australia's COVID lockdowns, the uses the PDGA Virtual Event structure and allowed us to continue to compete during border closures.
    • In addition to the above, I also serve as a moderator of r/discgolf on Reddit. This online community is the largest social media presence of disc golfers with almost 250,000 members.

I believe my professional and volunteer experience will allow me to effectively contribute as a member of the PDGA Board of Directors.

Goals as a PDGA BOD Member: If elected, my first priority will be to continue the growth of disc golf with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific region. There has been some success in “young” disc golf countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Philippines joining more established countries like Japan, New Zealand and Australia hosting more events and engaging new players. To further this progress, I would like to see the formation of a sub-committee, inspired by the early days of PDGA Europe, with the ultimate goal of establishing PDGA Asia-Pacific as a dedicated entity to advance the sport.

Continuing the focus on international growth, I would like to work with the PDGA's international partners to work on changes to international memberships. This would include both a review of the current International Program Guide to investigate the feasibility of separating international disc golf into “developed” and “developing” requirements, whereby developed DG nations have a heightened level of requirements for their events, and improving the value that international membership offers to provide a greater incentive for international disc golf players to sign up.

As the sport continues to grow, the growth of volunteers lags behind. I would like to work towards establishing a TD mentor program. Developing novice TD's is vital to the sustainable growth of the sport across all regions, and providing consistently improving quality of events will aid in this endeavour.

Finally, I believe it is crucial for the PDGA to better promote disc golf as a viable exercise option. More than half of Australian adults do not undertake enough physical activity each week - and I used to be one of them; this number is 70% for children. Similarly, in America, the lack of physical activity is over 70%. Disc golf presents an excellent opportunity for individuals to embrace exercise, leading to weight loss, improved health, and ultimately a happier, longer life.

Terhi Kytö — #79817


Photo: Marika Salmi

Location: Söderkulla, Finland

Introduction: Disc Golf is my passion. I got introduced to disc golf a decade ago when I needed to charm my becoming husband. I signed in on a tournament after one practice round, and ever since, I have organized events, run a disc golf course, and worked behind the scenes in the disc golf industry.  I have also competed in both European and US amateur events. I am a positive-minded, self-driven person who is always eager to learn more and develop myself. My family has my husband, Juha, two daughters, and a dog. We live in Finland, next to Helsinki.

Background/Professional Experience: As a corporate governance lawyer in the financial sector, I bring a unique perspective to the disc golf industry as one of the few women company owners. My academic background includes Master’s degrees in Law and Sport Science and Management. I have a strong foundation in customer service and commercial business, gained from my experiences in both the financial and disc golf industries. My strengths lie in my extensive knowledge of the European Disc Golf scene and my long-standing experience in customer service, both in finance and disc golf.

Goals as a PDGA BOD Member: I will represent the European disc golf community view in the PDGA BOD. My goal is to not only support but also actively contribute to the strategic work of the PDGA. I am committed to helping the organization reach its goals and further its mission. By doing so, I aim to ensure that the disc golf community remains united and that the PDGA's missions and visions are enabled.

James Koizumi — #126027


Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Introduction: I am grateful to have been introduced to the game six (6) years ago. It is impossible to account for all of the smiles, hugs, friendships, personal growth (and disc purchases) that our sport has brought into my life. In the last four (4) years, I have been able to play disc golf in 29 countries making many lifelong friends along the way, while listening to their stories and learning about their communities. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to give back in the greatest way possible and grow the sport globally as a PDGA Board Member. I have an unrelenting sense of gratitude for all of the happiness and friends disc golf has brought into my life. This motivates me daily to give back to this sport and community. I feel it is my daily duty to payback with a clear conscience, a pastime we get to play and enjoy for free. As with many other dedicated volunteers, I own more discs than I have time to throw.  I also have parked any aspirations to become a pro, knowing that my niche in our game is better served as a welcoming ambassador, strategist and professional leader.   

Disc golf is a global, love language for us to share. As disc golfers, we have the ability to bring joy to communities all over the world through human understanding, nature, friendship, physical and mental activity, volunteerism - with an everyday, free license to create and play.    

Background/Professional Experience: Senior Lawyer, with 15 years of experience. My practice speciality is advising executive leadership as lead counsel on litigation matters compliance and strategic/complex commercial agreements. Past President (2021 and 2022) and Director (2023 - Current), Calgary Disc Golf Club. During my tenure and with the support and tireless efforts of many amazing volunteer leaders in our local community: Membership - Increased membership over 500% from roughly 160 to 800-900 members. Of that, we have now more junior and female members, each respectively than we had total members in 2020. Also, for perspective our city club has roughly the same number of members as the total number of active PDGA members in our province (state) in 2021 and 2022. Courses - We have a proven track record of building courses that people play often. In the past four years, as a Project Lead, Designer, Builder, or Steward or all of the above, I have been a key contributor or lead, responsible for approximately 17 course projects, including the #1 most popular course in Canada and #4 most popular course in the world by UDisc (2022 and 2023). Our continued success is built upon our professionalism, reputation for delivery and communication with municipal partners. In 2023, it is estimated that the courses that I have been involved with and/or continue to help steward, account for 40% of the total number of UDisc plays in the entire province (state) combined. Whether it is increasing membership or building courses, there is a formula for that success that I want to bring to the PDGA to grow the game! Fun Facts - In the past 16 years, I have travelled to 75 countries on six (6) continents. - In the past four years, competed in PDGA sanctioned events in Canada, United States, Uganda, Mexico, Kenya and Finland - Aces on three continents in five countries: Canada, US, Finland, Mexico and Colombia  - Participated in the Paul McBeth Foundation project in Medellin, Colombia (2021)  - Participated in the Uplay project in Uganda and Kenya (2023).

Goals as a PDGA BOD Member: Grow the game globally! We are blessed with a beautiful opportunity with our sport to share joy, activity and community across generations, abilities and borders at a near exponential rate. I look to drive cultural change within the PDGA that invites rapid growth, with an uplifting and supportive hand to our local communities to keep pace. It starts with challenging conventional thinking, with a shared vision from grassroots to global. Let's spend our energy on finding ways to say "yes", "we can do this" and otherwise making great things happen. Collaborate. I have been able to see first-hand the awesome job that incredible organizations such as UDisc, UPlay, Paul McBeth Foundation, DGPT, our media coverage partners, etc. are doing to grow the sport in the best way they can. We all will win in a place of abundance when we work together and support each other. Inspire and Mentor. In every community, there are leaders and volunteers that have done so much, often without recognition to establish the courses and events we benefit from enjoying today. Thank you, thank you. I want to identify and cultivate our future leaders, those that can help carry the torch and allow our leaders of the past to get back to the joy of throwing discs or come in as mentors or support for those future leaders. The same goes for my role if elected as a PDGA Board Member - I want to identify a number of highly qualified candidates and mentor them to take over when my term is done.  

Leah Tsinajinnie — #139109


Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Introduction: Hello PDGA Members! I am running for candidacy as a second-term PDGA Board of Directors member. My passion to be a PDGA BOD member stems from my desire to grow and serve the disc golf community. Disc golf has brought so much joy into my life, and I wish to share the love of the sport with others.

Background/Professional Experience: I first started playing disc golf in May 2020 and began touring as a full-time professional on the Disc Golf Pro Tour in 2022. While traveling nationwide on tour, I have the privilege of meeting disc golfers of all levels and learning about the various issues and topics that matter to PDGA members.

My extensive experiences prior being a professional disc golfer include: being an event organizer, volunteer, leader, coach, and top level competitor in ultimate frisbee; interning at various nonprofits and governmental bodies while in law school; being a co-owner of Atlanta Soul Ultimate; completing an international fellowship with Ultimate Peace in the Middle East; and working with youth in sports settings and as a teacher.

Goals as a PDGA BOD Member: Continue Prioritizing Diversity and Equity. Making efforts to diversify the sport by bringing in people from underrepresented populations while prioritizing growth in an equitable manner. Redirecting more resources towards communities focusing on growth for women, youth, and Black, Indigenous, People of Color, people identifying as LGBTQ+, and other diverse populations. Finding connections between the various PDGA committees to improve collaboration on committee projects and initiatives.

Increasing Awareness through Sustainable Growth at the Local Levels. Building a sport culture that prioritizes a community-driven mindset and creating strong, local support systems. Creating sustainable event organizing systems and tools for local level organizers to prevent TD burnout. Improving the experience of first-time disc golfers. Recognizing and aligning intersectional goals that the PDGA and its members can achieve by connecting issues within the sport. Making time as a Board Member for reflection and adjustments in all aspects of my role.

If chosen to serve on the Board for a second-term, I will use my knowledge gained from my first term, my education, and my professional and life experiences to make sure we continue making positive strides for the membership. I truly love this sport and the people in it! Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sean Clancy — #152809


Location: Clinton Township, Michigan, USA

Introduction: My name is Sean Clancy, and I’ve been a member of the PDGA since 2020. I discovered disc golf during the Covid Pandemic, like many of my peers, and I’ve developed a passion for the sport. Becoming a professional disc golfer will most likely never happen for me, but helping others pursue the sport at a higher level is something that gives me a lot of joy.

Over the past few years, I’ve contributed to the growth of disc golf in various ways. I’ve sponsored disc golf events in collaboration with a local club, created a disc golf team called Team Provision where I support the players through paying entry fees, and recently captured drone footage of courses and shared on YouTube to provide amateurs players like me with a preview of the courses before they play it.

Background/Professional Experience: I’m a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), specializing in helping clients strategize for retirement and achieve their diverse financial objectives. The most rewarding aspect of my profession is witnessing the moment when clients realize they can retire. It’s a culmination of years of dedication and effort, and there’s no greater satisfaction than being able to share that pivotal news with them.

In addition to retirement planning, I assist clients in managing their investment portfolios and guide them through navigating the complexities of the economy and current market conditions. It’s a privilege to be entrusted with their financial well-being and to play a role in helping them achieve their financial aspirations.

Goals as a PDGA BOD Member: As a PDGA Board of Directors member, I have two primary objectives. Firstly, I aim to support tournament directors in enhancing the overall experience for players at tournaments. With the rising number of new players, there’s also a growing need for assistance among tournament directors. I’m committed to providing educational support for TDs by seeking sponsorship and exploring other avenues to improve player packs, streamline payouts, and ensure smoother tournament wrap-ups.

Secondly, I believe it’s imperative for disc golf to expand its reach to women and minorities in a post-COVID world. As someone who values data and observation, I’ve noticed the male dominance in the sport during tournaments. I believe this gender and diversity gap starts at the youth level. Therefore, I advocate for the expansion of the PDGA youth grant program to facilitate introducing the sport into schools across our diverse nation. This proactive approach is essential for fostering inclusivity and ensuring the continued growth of disc golf.


Please do NOT support Leah Tsinajinnie! She does not support women athletes whatsoever. She advocates for the inclusion of males in women's sports. Please do NOT vote for Tsinajinnie.

Concerned Golfer

Transwomen are women. Supporting transwomen takes nothing away from ciswomen. And I'm sure Leah did more for the sport than a keyboard warrior like you.

Submitted by Apollo99 on

"Transwomen are women" - this is objectively false. Sex is an immutable characteristic.

I'm not sure I understand why someone would pretend to be confused as to why there has always, and will always be a male/female split in sports?

The least shocking thing about this comment is that this person's profile shows a person outside wearing a surgical mask. Remarkable.

Genesis 2:7-25 says that god created humans male and female. To support anything besides this is wrong,and by wrong I mean sin. Its silly to mistake male from female,but unfortunatly the hearts of man are continually evil. Dont be fooled by the LGBTQ+ movement. Know that I say this in love and wish for discgolf to a wholesome way to spread the gospel,and have fun with family in peace. Stay in Gods word which is the bible. If your in sin I beg you to repent before its to late because the end is near. You never know when you may die. Repentence is admitting your sins to God, saying God I keep sinning I cant stop but I know you can change me. Jesus said whoever should belive shall not perish but have eternal life in heaven.

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