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PDGA Radio Episode 115: Ellen Widboom

Ellen Widboom stops by the show to take on the Lightning Round on the heels of her huge Idlewild win. Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen | DGPT

It was a Cinder-Ellen story at the Idlewild Open, and we’re breaking it down on PDGA Radio. First, Steve lays out his thoughts on why Eagle McMahon’s victory was the most significant of his young career (5:10) before Sara shares her experience playing the tournament (20:00). Ellen Widboom stops by to talk about the “euphoria” she played with and how she’s adapting to more disc golf notoriety before taking on the Lightning Round (31:55). The hosts preview the Ledgestone Insurance Open (1:07:45) and tackle gelato vs. ice cream in Run It or Lay Up (1:28:35).

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