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Stuart Shulman #22046

Stuart Shulman #22046

Player Info

  • Location: Camarillo, California, United States
  • Classification: Amateur
  • Member Since: 2003
  • Membership Status: Expired (as of 31-Dec-2007)
  • Current Rating: 806 (as of 30-Aug-2011)
  • Career Events: 39

Ratings Detail

Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Default Layout; 18 holes; Par 54
Conejo Disc Golf Pro/AmC17-Jul-2011266810YesYes
Conejo Disc Golf Pro/AmC17-Jul-2011166824YesYes
Evergreen Open 2010B26-Jun to 27-Jun-2010176794YesYes
Evergreen Open 2010B26-Jun to 27-Jun-2010269808YesYes
Evergreen Open 2010B26-Jun to 27-Jun-2010362793YesYes
2008 Coyote Classic Presented by DGAB25-Oct to 26-Oct-2008369858NoNo
2008 Coyote Classic Presented by DGAB25-Oct to 26-Oct-2008167903NoNo
2008 Coyote Classic Presented by DGAB25-Oct to 26-Oct-2008278808NoNo
2008 Sunrise ShowdownC2-Aug to 3-Aug-2008188881NoNo
2008 Sunrise ShowdownC2-Aug to 3-Aug-2008286863NoNo
Evergreen OpenB26-Apr to 27-Apr-2008163894NoNo
Evergreen OpenB26-Apr to 27-Apr-2008251948NoNo
Evergreen OpenB26-Apr to 27-Apr-2008360863NoNo
2007 Coyote ClassicB20-Oct to 21-Oct-2007272842NoNo
2007 Coyote ClassicB20-Oct to 21-Oct-2007160923NoNo
Santa Maria Fall OpenC29-Sep to 30-Sep-2007160878NoNo
Sunrise Show DownB25-Aug to 26-Aug-2007187899NoNo
Sunrise Show DownB25-Aug to 26-Aug-2007287862NoNo
Evergreen OpenC28-Apr to 29-Apr-2007358849NoNo
Evergreen OpenC28-Apr to 29-Apr-2007160910NoNo
Evergreen OpenC28-Apr to 29-Apr-2007262891NoNo
Plastic Pilots El Dorado Open 11B10-Mar to 11-Mar-2007160892NoNo
Plastic Pilots El Dorado Open 11B10-Mar to 11-Mar-2007271914NoNo
Plastic Pilots El Dorado Open 11B10-Mar to 11-Mar-2007360855NoNo
29th Wintertime OpenB10-Feb to 11-Feb-2007171898NoNo
29th Wintertime OpenB10-Feb to 11-Feb-2007271892NoNo
29th Wintertime OpenB10-Feb to 11-Feb-2007368929NoNo
Ice Bowl in ParadiseD27-Jan-2007261901NoNo
Ice Bowl in ParadiseD27-Jan-2007160911NoNo
Southern California ChampionshipsB11-Nov to 12-Nov-2006162874NoNo
Southern California ChampionshipsB11-Nov to 12-Nov-2006264877NoNo
Southern California ChampionshipsB11-Nov to 12-Nov-2006363874NoNo
Coyote Pointe ClassicC21-Oct to 22-Oct-2006194904NoNo
Coyote Pointe ClassicC21-Oct to 22-Oct-2006290888NoNo
Summertime OpenB8-Jul to 9-Jul-2006362931NoNo
Summertime OpenB8-Jul to 9-Jul-2006463874NoNo
Summertime OpenB8-Jul to 9-Jul-2006164850NoNo
Summertime OpenB8-Jul to 9-Jul-2006266899NoNo
Evergreen OpenB29-Apr to 30-Apr-2006162851NoNo
Evergreen OpenB29-Apr to 30-Apr-2006254937NoNo
Evergreen OpenB29-Apr to 30-Apr-2006356877NoNo
Plastic Pilots El Dorado Open XB11-Mar to 12-Mar-2006158903NoNo
Plastic Pilots El Dorado Open XB11-Mar to 12-Mar-2006258854NoNo
Plastic Pilots El Dorado Open XB11-Mar to 12-Mar-2006356926NoNo
28th Wintertime OpenB11-Feb to 12-Feb-2006370905NoNo
28th Wintertime OpenB11-Feb to 12-Feb-2006158875NoNo
28th Wintertime OpenB11-Feb to 12-Feb-2006263874NoNo
Ice Bowl in ParadiseD28-Jan-2006163912NoNo
Ice Bowl in ParadiseD28-Jan-2006268877NoNo
Casitas Coyote ClassicC22-Oct to 23-Oct-2005269910NoNo
Casitas Coyote ClassicC22-Oct to 23-Oct-2005367921NoNo
Casitas Coyote ClassicC22-Oct to 23-Oct-2005166927NoNo
Fling IXD4-Jun-2005149921NoNo
Fling IXD4-Jun-2005259834NoNo
Evergreen OpenC30-Apr to 1-May-2005254884NoNo
Evergreen OpenC30-Apr to 1-May-2005351942NoNo
Evergreen OpenC30-Apr to 1-May-2005163846NoNo
Southern California ChampionshipsB25-Sep to 26-Sep-2004362862NoNo
Southern California ChampionshipsB25-Sep to 26-Sep-2004472720NoNo
Southern California ChampionshipsB25-Sep to 26-Sep-2004158870NoNo
Southern California ChampionshipsB25-Sep to 26-Sep-2004263861NoNo
Mountain HighC28-Aug to 29-Aug-2004165859NoNo
Mountain HighC28-Aug to 29-Aug-2004271801NoNo
Mountain HighC28-Aug to 29-Aug-2004370812NoNo
Waller Pines OpenC17-Jul to 18-Jul-2004183866NoNo
Waller Pines OpenC17-Jul to 18-Jul-2004285870NoNo
Waller Pines OpenC17-Jul to 18-Jul-2004390839NoNo
King of the LakeC26-Jun-2004162823NoNo
King of the LakeC26-Jun-2004260883NoNo
King of the LakeC26-Jun-2004387893NoNo
Evergreen OpenC1-May to 2-May-2004153875NoNo
Evergreen OpenC1-May to 2-May-2004256859NoNo
Evergreen OpenC1-May to 2-May-2004358903NoNo
26th Wintertime OpenB7-Feb to 8-Feb-2004391882NoNo
26th Wintertime OpenB7-Feb to 8-Feb-2004181888NoNo
26th Wintertime OpenB7-Feb to 8-Feb-2004286908NoNo
Ice Bowl in ParadiseD24-Jan-2004156890NoNo
Ice Bowl in ParadiseD24-Jan-2004258876NoNo
SoCal ChampionshipsA20-Sep to 21-Sep-2003459852NoNo
SoCal ChampionshipsA20-Sep to 21-Sep-2003162828NoNo
SoCal ChampionshipsA20-Sep to 21-Sep-2003260856NoNo
SoCal ChampionshipsA20-Sep to 21-Sep-2003356879NoNo
The TBD TourneyB23-Aug to 24-Aug-2003399834NoNo
The TBD TourneyB23-Aug to 24-Aug-2003187892NoNo
The TBD TourneyB23-Aug to 24-Aug-2003292861NoNo
Santa Maria OpenB2-Aug to 3-Aug-2003191830NoNo
Santa Maria OpenB2-Aug to 3-Aug-2003289851NoNo
Santa Maria OpenB2-Aug to 3-Aug-2003383879NoNo
Whittier Narrows OpenB17-May to 18-May-2003161818NoNo
Whittier Narrows OpenB17-May to 18-May-2003259865NoNo
Whittier Narrows OpenB17-May to 18-May-2003358905NoNo
Huntington Beach OpenB12-Apr to 13-Apr-2003156887NoNo
Huntington Beach OpenB12-Apr to 13-Apr-2003257886NoNo
Huntington Beach OpenB12-Apr to 13-Apr-2003359883NoNo
Old Zoo Fling VIIXC5-Apr-2003338933NoNo
Old Zoo Fling VIIXC5-Apr-2003143868NoNo
Old Zoo Fling VIIXC5-Apr-2003240902NoNo
El Dorado OpenB29-Mar to 30-Mar-2003155864NoNo
El Dorado OpenB29-Mar to 30-Mar-2003256853NoNo
El Dorado OpenB29-Mar to 30-Mar-2003363866NoNo