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2023 USWDGC Cap Adjustment Schedule

2023 USWDGC Cap Adjustment Schedule

Last updated: Thursday, August 24, 2023 - 15:33

The goal of cap adjustments is to get as many players as possible competing in the division they are registered to compete in.


July 5th – Cap Adjustment, If necessary.

July 19 – Cap Adjustment, if necessary.

August 8th – Official Player ratings for FA1, FA2, FA3 and FA4 are finalized. Cap adjustments due to division changes are possible here and will occur if necessary.

September 1 – Cap adjustment, if necessary.

September 11 – cap adjustment, if necessary

September 15 – Players with division sizes of less than three will be moved to another division they are eligible for. Also, a final cap adjustment, if necessary. No more adjustments will be made.