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Frequently Asked Questions - Tournament Manager

If you login to (not Tournament Manager) and go to your event page from the tour schedule, you should see an "Edit" tab.  That tab allows you to view/edit your Tournament Manager event password as well as edit your event name (should you add a title sponsor, etc.). If you are unable to login to, you can send an email to [email protected] and we will resend your confirmation email that includes your Tournament Manager password. 

If you have carefully checked the list (some courses are listed under a park name as opposed to the locally-used course name) and the course is not listed, it is not an existing entry within the PDGA Course Directory.  Please see instructions for adding a course at to add the course to the PDGA Course Directory. 

You may use the <Temporary Course> item instead, but should explore having the course added to the PDGA Course Directory for future use.

You may only deduct player pack cost/value from Amateur divisions as the total Amateur purse is made up of both player packs value and the value of prizes awarded based on place of finish.  The Pro purse is ONLY comprised of the cash awarded based on place of finish. If you wish to provide a player pack to Pros you may do so, but you need to pay for it in a way other than removing that value from the Pro cash purse.

Within Tournament Manager, click on the "Setup" menu item and then under the "Hole Scoring" section insert a different code for your live scorers and click the "Update Access Code" button.  Using that code, your scorers will then only have access to live scoring.

Right, you only want to use a 999 or 888 code for a player that didn't complete (or start) a round that they were scheduled to play.  In this case, simply leave the scores blank for the rounds those divisions did not play.