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PDGA Disc Golf Course Directory Help

To add or edit a disc golf course in the PDGA Disc Golf Course Directory, you'll need a user account on  If you already have an account, login now. If you don't, create a free account!

Course Information Needed

Required *

  • Course Name
  • # of Holes
  • Course Description
  • Address
    • Country
    • Street Number
    • City
    • State/Province (if applicable)
    • Postal Code

Optional (but helpful)

  • Directions to course
  • Target Types
  • Course Length & Alternate Lengths (if aplicable)
  • Year Established
  • Hole Length Breakdown
    • Number of Holes < 300 feet
    • Number of Holes between 300-400 feet
    • Number of Holes > 400 feet
  • Course Website URL
  • Course Map
  • Course Photos
  • Course Contact
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email
  • Tee Signs (Yes or No)
  • Restroom (Yes or No)
  • Park Fees (Yes or No)
  • Handicap Facilities (Yes or No)
  • Camping Nearby (Yes or No)
  • Private Course (Yes or No)

Add a Course to the Directory

Before adding a new course, make sure it doesn't already exist. 

  1. Click on "Course Search" from within the "Courses" menu at the top of any page on 
  2. Enter the city and state, or just a nearby zip code and click the "Apply" button. 
  3. Verify that the course does not show up in the results. 

To add a new course to the directory, follow the steps below:

Note: Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk.

  1. Click on "Add New Course" from within the "Courses" menu at the top of any page on
  2. Fill in the required fields on the "Course Information" tab. 
  3. Fill in the required fields on the "Course Location" tab.
  4. Scroll down and fill in any other information that you can on the "Course Location" tab.
  5. Click through each of the remaining tabs on the left, and fill in the fields for which you have information.
  6. After entering all the information you have available, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

After clicking the "Save" button, the course information will become immediately available if you are a registered PDGA member. For all others, the course information will be available once it is reviewed and approved by a PDGA Course Directory editor. 

Edit a Course in the Directory

If you know that a course has been changed, or if you know something about a course in the directory is incorrect, you can make quiclkly and easily make the necessary edits.

Direct Edit

  1. Open the page for the specific course that requires editing.
  2. Click on the "Edit" tab at the top of the page. 
  3. Locate the specific tab(s) where information needs to be edited and make the necessary changes.
  4. When finished, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. 

Leave A Note

If you can't find the section where an edit is needed, or you simply don't have time to make all the edits yourself, there is another option:

  1. Open the page for the specific course that requires editing.
  2. In the tabs on the left, click on "Revision Information".
  3. Use the "Revision log message" field to send a message directly to the PDGA Course Directory admins about what edits need to be made.
  4. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to send the note.

Delete a Course

If a course no longer exists or needs to be removed for some other reason, please follow the steps in the "Leave A Note" section above explaining why the course should be removed from the directory. Alternatively, you can contact support directly with information as to why the course needs to be removed.