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When weather changes significantly during a full day of tee time rounds on the same course, will official ratings account for different weather between early and late rounds?

Sometimes. The official ratings (not unofficial) can end up different for the same score thrown early versus later in the day when weather changes significantly. This special process to calculate ratings by time segments over the day is done when the TD or another official notifies the PDGA that certain rounds had significant weather differences, especially wind. The ratings team will either break up the scoring data for those rounds by time segments within a single large division (more than 80 players) or by grouping smaller division(s) who played near the same time of day. Preliminary SSA values will be calculated separately for each time of day grouping. These preliminary SSAs may not be statistically different enough so a single official SSA will be determined for that day. However, sometimes the SSA will be enough different from the others that either higher or lower ratings for the same score will be produced for players competing during that time period versus the other time periods.