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As a TD, are there any additional requirements for the WGE?

Yes.  Along with complying to all the current PDGA Tour Standards, there are a few more requirement we ask of WGE Tournament Directors. 

We encourage all registered WGE to use for their online player registration pages. Through this, the WGE staff can streamline our communication to both the players and tournaments directors.

Tournaments may be “All Amateur” or “All Professional” as long as there are enough propagators participating for the course layout that you chose (you may also have divisions playing different layouts during your event.) However, the divisions must play that chosen layout twice to meet WGE rating criteria. Note: Ratings for a propagator have been lowered to 700+. If you have questions specific to your event layout, please contact the WGE Staff.

MJ10, FJ10, MJ08, FJ08, MJ06, and FJ06 will only be required to play one round to be included in the overall WGE, as long as they have enough qualified propagators playing their same layout. 

Note: Deadline to submit the scores from the two rounds of your WGE can be found on the WGE page. Scores submitted after this deadline will not be included into the overall Global Standings and your players will not be eligible for prizes or trophies. Please, be diligent to include your scores as soon as possible to prevent this from happening to your event and your players.