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The PDGA is neither a tax firm, nor a law firm.  We cannot give you tax advice or legal advice, and tax and legal professionals can’t ethically give non-clients advice, either (so we can’t just ask our accountants and attorneys to write this).  However, we can give you a basic, academic framework to help you understand, as a TD, how the IRS taxes sole proprietors engaged in business. This discussion assumes that you’re a sole proprietor who is not affiliated with a club that’s organized as a nonprofit corporation/501(c) organization – you’re just a TD runnin’ stuff.

So, let’s cover two basic facts about taxes.

If it's useful and commemorative, then that is what competitors want most in the player’s packs at tournaments that they are attending.

We asked a simple question: Besides discs and shirts, what are your favorite player pack items?

Towels led the charge in the responses on the PDGA's Facebook and Twitter.

While custom-stamped discs and shirts are standards in most packs, players said that useful items, such as towels, water bottles, minis, umbrellas and socks, were among their favorites to receive.

Here’s an interesting idea that serves a few purposes:

A boom in disc golf and the desire to compete in PDGA-sanctioned tournaments has led to a frenzy when it comes to registering for events and at the moment, the demand simply outweighs the supply.

However, there are options available for tournament directors when it comes to accommodating more players into events.

Here are a few ideas for maximizing the number of players at your event:

See those trusty scoreport cards? Maybe you don't need them. Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen