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Official Rules of Disc Golf

810 Interference

Last updated: Sunday, December 31, 2023 - 19:18

  1. If a thrown disc has moved after having come to rest on the in-bounds playing surface, it is replaced to where it first came to rest, as agreed on by the group. A thrown disc that has come to rest elsewhere does not need to be replaced, and its position is based on where it first came to rest, as agreed on by the group.
  2. A marker disc that has moved is replaced to its original location, as agreed on by the group.
  3. A thrown disc that strikes a person or animal is played where it first comes to rest.
  4. It is a violation if a player or their equipment interferes with the course of their own thrown disc. The throw and one penalty throw are counted in the player's score; the player continues play from the previous lie. Any other penalty throws incurred by the throw are disregarded. If a throw is interfered with by request of the thrower, that is considered the same as a player interfering with their own throw.
  5. A thrown disc whose course was intentionally altered by someone other than the thrower is given a position at the point of contact, as agreed on by the group. The thrower may choose to play from the resulting lie, or to abandon the throw without penalty, in which case the original throw is not counted in the player's score.
  6. A player who intentionally interferes with another player's disc in any of the following ways receives two penalty throws:
    1. Altering the course of a thrown disc (other than to prevent injury); or,
    2. Moving or obscuring a thrown disc or marker disc (other than in the process of identification, retrieval, marking, or as allowed by 810.H).
  7. Players must not stand or leave their equipment where interference with a disc in play may occur. A player may require other players to move themselves or their equipment if either could interfere with the throw. Refusal to do so is a courtesy violation.
  8. A disc in play that was thrown by another player and comes to rest on or behind the lie may be moved. After the player has thrown, the other player's disc is replaced to where it came to rest, as agreed on by the group.