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Official Rules of Disc Golf

812 Courtesy

Last updated: Friday, December 1, 2017 - 10:34

  1. A player must not:
    1. Throw if the throw might injure someone or distract another player; or,
    2. Throw out of order without consent or when it would impact another player; or,
    3. Engage in distracting or unsportsmanlike actions such as:
      1. Shouting (unless warning someone at risk of being struck by a disc),
      2. Cursing,
      3. Striking, kicking, or throwing park, course, or player equipment,
      4. Moving or talking while another player is throwing,
      5. Advancing beyond the away player; or,
    4. Leave equipment where it may distract other players or interfere with a thrown disc; or,
    5. Litter, including cigarette butts; or,
    6. Allow their smoke to disturb other players.
  2. A player must:
    1. Perform actions expected by the rules, including:
      1. Helping to find a lost disc; and,
      2. Moving equipment when asked; and,
      3. Keeping score properly.
    2. Watch the other members of the group throw in order to ensure rules compliance and to help find discs.
  3. A player receives a warning for the first violation of any courtesy rule. Each subsequent violation of any courtesy rule by that player in the same round incurs one penalty throw. A courtesy violation may be called or confirmed by any affected player, or by an Official. Repeated courtesy violations may result in disqualification by the Director.

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