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Official Rules of Disc Golf

Appendix A: Match Play

Last updated: Friday, December 31, 2021 - 20:41

A.01 General

  1. In match play, a pair of players competes against each other in an effort to win each hole during the round. The player who wins more holes wins the match.
  2. The Official Rules of Disc Golf (which describe medal play) are to be used except where superseded by these rules.
  3. A pair of opponents plays in a group with at least one other pair, or an Official.

A.02 Order of Play

  1. The teeing order for pairs of opponents in the same group follows the order on the scorecard.
  2. Within each pair of opponents, the player listed first on the scorecard throws first on the first hole. On all subsequent holes, the player who won the previous hole throws first. Ties do not change the throwing order.

A.03 Penalties

  1. Only a player's opponent may call a violation on or warn a player. Any player in the group or an official may confirm the call.
  2. Penalties and warnings assessed between holes apply to the next hole.

A.04 Scoring

  1. Scoring in match play is recorded in terms of which player has won more holes at any given point. The match starts with the pair tied, or all square. As the match progresses, the player who has won more holes is up that many holes; their opponent is down that many holes.
  2. A player wins a hole by completing the hole in fewer throws than their opponent. The player who won the hole receives a score of 1. The other player receives no score, which can be indicated by a dash. If the two players complete the hole with the same number of throws, the hole is halved, and neither player receives a score.
  3. A player may ask their opponent how many throws they have made on the current hole. A player who falsely reports that number loses the hole.

A.05 Conceding

  1. A player may concede a match at any time before the conclusion of the match. The opponent wins the match.
  2. A player may concede a hole at any time before both players have completed the hole. The opponent wins the hole.
  3. A player may concede their opponent's next throw. The throw is considered to have completed the hole.
  4. A pair of players may agree to halve the hole being played.
  5. A concession may not be declined or withdrawn.

A.06 Winning the Match

  1. When a player is up more holes than there are holes remaining to be played, that player has won the match.
  2. If a pair of players is all square at the end of the round, the match is tied. The Director decides if and how ties are to be broken.