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Official Rules of Disc Golf

801.02 Enforcement

Last updated: Friday, December 1, 2017 - 10:34

  1. Players are assigned to play holes together in a group for the purpose of verifying scores and ensuring play in accordance with the rules. Any determination made by the group as a whole is to be made by a majority of the group.
  2. Players are expected to call a violation when one has clearly occurred. A call must be made promptly to be enforceable (except for misplays).
  3. A player in the group may call or confirm a rules violation on any player in the group by notifying all players in the group.
  4. A warning is the initial advisement a player is given for violating certain rules; subsequent violations of the rule incur penalty throws. A call for a rules violation that results in a warning does not need to be confirmed to be enforced. Warnings do not carry over from one round to the next, nor to a playoff.
  5. A call made by a player for a rules violation that results in one or more penalty throws can only be enforced if the call is confirmed by another player in the group or by a Tournament Official. A penalty throw is a throw added to a player's score for violating a rule, or for relocation of the lie as called for by a rule.
  6. A Tournament Official, or Official, is a person who is authorized by the Director to make judgments regarding the proper application of the rules during play. An Official may call or confirm a rule violation by any player. An Official's call does not need to be confirmed to be enforced. An Official who is playing may not act as an Official for players who are in their division.
  7. The Director is the person in charge of the tournament or event. The Director may be a Tournament Director (TD), a Course Director, or a League Director. Only the Director may disqualify a player. Decisions made by the Director are final.
  8. A throw or an action that is subject to penalty under more than one rule is played under the rule that results in the most penalty throws; or, among rules that call for an equal number of penalty throws, the rule that was first violated.