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Official Rules of Disc Golf

801.03 Appeals

Last updated: Sunday, December 31, 2023 - 18:11

  1. When a group cannot reach a majority decision regarding a ruling, the ruling is based on the interpretation that is most beneficial to the thrower.
  2. A player may appeal a group decision to an Official, or an Official's decision to the Director, by clearly and promptly stating that desire to the group. If an Official or the Director is readily available, the group may stand aside and allow other groups to play through while the appeal is being heard.
  3. If an Official or Director is not readily available to consider an appeal, the thrower may make a set of provisional throws (see 809.02), and later appeal the ruling to an Official or to the Director when practical. If the lies are the same, no additional set of throws is made.
  4. If a ruling is overturned, an Official or the Director may adjust the player's score to reflect the correct interpretation of the rules. Alternatively, the Director may have the player replay one or more holes. Rulings by the Director are final.