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Official Rules of Disc Golf

802.02 Order of Play

Last updated: Friday, December 1, 2017 - 10:34

  1. Throwing order on the tee of the first hole is the order in which the players are listed on the scorecard(s).
  2. Throwing order on all subsequent tees is determined by the scores on the previous hole, so that the player with the lowest score throws first, and so on. Ties do not change the throwing order.
  3. After all players have a lie other than the teeing area, the player whose lie is farthest from the target (the away player) is next in the throwing order.
  4. If a player is making another throw from the same lie, or a re-throw, that player remains next in the throwing order. A re-throw is an additional throw from the same lie which is played instead of the original throw.
  5. To facilitate flow of play, a player who is not next may throw if the player who is next consents, or if throwing will not impact the player who is next.
  6. Throwing out of order is a courtesy violation.
  7. During tournament play, no group may play through the group ahead unless directed by an Official, or if the group ahead is standing aside in accordance with the rules.