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Official Rules of Disc Golf

802.04 Teeing Off

Last updated: Friday, December 31, 2021 - 17:44

  1. Play begins on each hole with the player throwing from within the hole's teeing area. A teeing area, or tee, is the area bounded by the edges of a tee pad, if provided. Otherwise, it is the area extending three meters perpendicularly behind the designated tee line. The tee line is the line at the front of the teeing area, or the line between the outside edges of two tee markers.
  2. When the disc is released, the player must have at least one supporting point within the teeing area, and all supporting points must be within the teeing area. A supporting point is any part of the player's body that is, at the time of release, in contact with the playing surface or any other object that provides support. The player is allowed to have a supporting point outside the teeing area before or after, but not at, the moment the disc is released.
  3. A player who violates 802.04.B has committed a stance violation and receives one penalty throw.